I’m Hali. Part-time Londoner, full-time thrifter. I thrift and charity shop for looks and books. I’ll teach you how to make the most of things you already own, be stylish on a budget and how to live with less.

Saving money and the planet.



An introduction & notes on fashion.


I’m Hali, I live in the UK and I’m a recent university graduate. At university I learnt a lot about the various ways I could save money whilst still maintaining the lifestyle I wanted, the hobbies I enjoyed and my overall ‘a e s t h e t i c.’ I hope to use this blog as a means to share these tips with you. This will include fashion, books, lifestyle, travel, food and more. I really hope you find it useful!

— H

A Note On Clothes -

In 2019, I hope to be able to reduce my consumption of ‘fast fashion’ significantly, as I am now coming to terms with its terrible impact on the environment, as well as its significant impact on garment workers, whom are underpaid and exploited across the globe for the sake of primarily Western mass consumption. I’m already a lover of second-hand/charity shop clothing, but hope I am able to show the ways that you can become a more thoughtful and ethical shopper without completely breaking the bank. I plan on using this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and grow as a more thoughtful and ethical consumer. I am happy with the wardrobe I have created and (due to choices in style and material) it has lasted me years, which will hopefully mean I am done shopping the high street.

TL;DR - Some of the outfits I show may include fast fashion items - but I am done shopping the high street now.

XX - Hali